1 of our kitchens in the magazine "WONEN", Country Style.

Treasure hunt on the Tongeren Antique Market

Every Sunday of the year from 6h to 13h. Where: Veemarkt, Maastrichterstraat, de Schiervelstraat, Clarissenstraat, Eburonenhal and 1st floor parking Julian

For over 30 years is Tongeren on Sunday morning a vibrant city and this already in the early morning. The more than 350 exhibitors and some 40 antiques shops stalls their best goods for the numerous visitors to the largest antique and flea market in the Benelux. Tongeren on Sunday morning is an international city and the place to be for an increasing number of Dutch, Germans, French, British and Americans. They are all looking for that "unique" piece of antique or Brocant. The visit to the antique and flea market with a trip to the downtown for a cozy terrace or tasteful restaurant is the guarantee for a successful trip.

Our terracotta floors in an Italian magazine