Old Buildingmaterials Doors and windows

With etched glass or stained-glass, heavy antique doors, skirtings, shutters for windows.

Old Buildingmaterials Flooring and wall tiles

Old ceramic floor tiles or cement tiles with art-nouveau motif or other, fur colored or sober. Old floor tiles in blue stone. Great choice in Belgian art nouveau wall tiles and other.

Old Buildingmaterials Ironwork

Fences, iron ornaments, columns and lamp posts, awnings, iron wine racks.

Old Buildingmaterials Radiators

Old cast iron radiators, restored ( powder caoting, sand blasting ) in the desired color. Models in rococo, art nouveau or art deco.

Old Buildingmaterials Mantelpieces

Marble mantelpieces, Belgian, French and others. mantelpieces in French sandstone or blue stone.

Old Buildingmaterials Blue stone

Ornaments, wash basins, stair steps, old floor tiles in blue stone.

Old Buildingmaterials Various

Stairs (wood or iron), columns, plaster ceiling ornaments, garden furniture or ornaments, decor in zinc, industrial lamps, stoves.

Antiques and Brocante Furniture

All kinds of large and small cabinets, tables, chairs. desks, coffee tables, side tables.

Antiques and Brocante Lighting

Several old chandeliers, Venetian model, Marie-Thérèse, art-nouveau, Ceiling lamps, bronze chandeliers, carriage lamps.

Antiques and Brocante Various

Paintings, old Christmas balls and ornaments, tableware and glasses, old wine bottles, terracotta and stoneware, vases, silver bowls and jugs, mirrors, scales, old school cards and prints, brass ornaments, porcelain sinks, old tools, garden ornaments